Friday, July 29, 2011

War Criminals - Questions Raised By Ratko Mladic Arrest World News The Guardian - Letters

The public of 16 decades on, the Butcher of Bosnia will be at the rear of discos , 27 May). However, the truth that his capture coincided together with the visit that will Serbia of Baroness Ashton along with came a little few days following president, Jos Manuel Barroso, told Belgrade that will move in place their work for you to find battle criminals, will elevate quite a few uncomfortable questions. Have that Serbian authorities really also been wholly unaware regarding Mladic's whereabouts for 16 years? Does his police arrest that way of Radovan Karadzic throughout 2008 include extra related to your political motivation with regard to EU regular membership rather then every investigative cutting-edge by way of the police in addition to Interpol?

Karadzic had been found "hiding" around Belgrade from the exact few days which Serbia reinstated its ambassadors withdrawn from EU states this recognized Kosovo's independence. Mladic's police arrest arrives just before this European commission is due to choose whether to lay claim Serbia your proper customer with regard to EU membership.

Misha Glenny known as the actual showdown inside the Balkans "a battle in between this countryside and also the urban, the particular simple as well as the cosmopolitan, plus between chaos and reason". Whether coincidence or premeditated, the actual police arrest associated with Mladic must be welcomed for a victory involving explanation above chaos.

Stefan Simanowitz


I note which the fees towards Mladic comprise "inflicting dread upon civilians". The so-called "shock in addition to awe" maneuvers utilized by Bush, Blair et al customers affiliates associated with Baghdad in 2003 can be another illustration connected with such a strong atrocity. I expect witnessing individuals responsible also indicted at The Hague.

Dr T McMaster


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