Monday, August 29, 2011

Hot! Bibi Breaks Israel's Silence On Jewish Refugees - Point Of No Return

Danny Ayalon together with Gina Waldman at his / her 23rd May media management meeting (Photo: R Goldwasser)

Bibi Netanyahu 's mention with Jewish refugees in order to President Obama scars a delightful break with past silence, or maybe at best, mealy-mouthed ministerial pronouncements. But he needs going further more still, thinks Michelle Huberman in your ex Jerusalem Post web site 'Clash of cultures':

Hallelujah. He claimed it.

Last week, as I viewed Bibi perched while in the White House with President Obama, I higher a cheer when he talked about Jewish refugees expelled from Arab countries. At long continue the topic possesses been brought up while in front of primary occasion TV people round the world. I am amazed at the wide-scale lack of education on Jewish refugees through Arab Lands. When Obama bought his well-known speech in Cairo around this year your dog produced absolutely no a blueprint to help the actual 75,000 Jews which were ethnically cleaned out from Egypt in the past 63 years. Today merely some aging population Jews remain. Or American-Lebanese reporter Helen Thomas believing Jews arrive out of Germany and also Poland. In Lebanon right now there were being 10,000 Jews prior to 1948 and today Beirut possesses only 40 left. All in their eighties. Why do therefore several men and women know these kinds of facts? Well now, while your Mizrachi/Sephardi witnesses towards the expulsions through the Middle East as well as North Africa are usually still alive, it's to become instilled in to our Jewish narrative and remembered around the particular Exodus from Egypt along with the Holocaust. It is our responsibility in order to broadcast these kinds of information into a blinkered world. We need to duplicate often for a second time that Israel assimilated the particular Jewish refugees whilst Arab locations failed to take in his or her Muslim brethren. . Gina Waldman created a brief 18 min video regarding the particular roll film 'The Forgotten Refugees' and next the lady identified your girlfriend own personal history connected with growing up inside Libya and also around 1967 following the Six Day War becoming compelled to be able to depart the particular country, scarcely getting out of efforts in order to kill the girl as well as your ex family members on their method to the airport.

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