Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Daniel Snyder - Should The Redskins Go All In To Get Him - The Washington Post - Robert Griffin Iii

Griffin is not only right for the Redskins, he d be great for Washington. For so long now, the team and Redskins fans have been waiting for someone with Griffin s combination of off-the-charts ability and charisma.

If the Redskins draft Griffin, owner Daniel Snyder finally would have a true franchise quarterback. For a decade or more, Griffin would be the face of the team. And in little time, if not immediately, he would own the District.

To get all of that, it will be costly. The Redskins know this as well, which is why they re reportedly willing to trade multiple draft picks including two No. 1s to theIndianapolis Colts expected to select Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck first, several teams are courting the Rams, who already have quarterback Sam Bradford and many holes to fill.

The Redskins roster is in need of a lot of work, too. Washington could use as many draft picks as it could get for, well, the foreseeable future. Also, the Redskins haven t fared well in the past chasing other pots of gold that turned out to be empty.

But Griffin is different. He s not another fading star at the end of his career. His star is rising quickly and the Redskins should latch on for the ride.

For a team that has willingly dumped numerous draft picks for fading veteran stars, plunging head-first into the Griffin market might make some uneasy. The picks required to pry the No. 2 selection from the Rams would prevent the Redskins from upgrading in other key areas of of need along the offensive line, in the receiving corps and in the secondary. And above all, there s no guarantee Griffin, as talented as he is, will be the face-of-the-frachise talent the team so desperately needs. And those risks may outweigh the potential reward. As Mike Wise wrote :

Last month, Peyton Manning .

We are turning into the dog from the movie Up. Someone blurts out, Quarterback, in this town, and we jump. Our tails vibrate for hours. We don t know what we want; we re more fickle than Michaele Salahi .

We ve met the enemy, Washington; it s us. We were supposed to keep Daniel Snyder sober from his shopping addiction, from throwing away draft picks and mortgaging the future on one player.

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