Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Polo Club - Colonial Polo Embraced By Nigeria Elite - Ap Photos - News

LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) In the actual midst in the urban hustle of Nigeria's greatest city, your grassy domain where farm pets run stalls released being a hard to find bit of natural inside a urban center of bleak concrete.

This is the Lagos Polo Club , positioned on Ikoyi Island, some sort of remnant with Nigeria's colonial British rule. But immediately after Nigeria received freedom inside 1960, the actual oil-rich country's political plus company snobs swiftly adopted that equestrian game. Polo as well crossed the faith based and ethnic border inside the nation, while the actual clubs appear to be equally in it has the predominantly Christian south in addition to their Muslim north.

Each year, this club serves an 12-monthly tournament. The club's impact is seen as small men yank carts full of cut type grass through the street, at times pertaining to miles at a time. That your lawn eventually ends up back at the polo club , consumed because of the eager horses. Others, most business Muslims on the place's north, live on the actual grounds from the polo club, tending towards horses in addition to grounds.

Those which work along at the polo golf club run the actual farm pets as well as appear on as this wealthy drink champagne as well as cocktails on the club's backyard bar. Those involved with Nigeria's airlines, telecommunications industry in addition to politics regular the actual club, as do are actually and also diplomats. Former House loudspeaker Dimeji Bankole additionally played out these frequently for your tournament. He later experienced corruption allegations once departing office.

The farm pets run challenging as well as the competitors normally swap their brackets during the game. All the actual while, the honking horns and also sirens from the city's gridlocked targeted traffic could always be over heard outside, the towering office homes looming nearby. But through polo matches, that sound allows way to the clomping deer hooves in addition to cheers from your audience.

Here usually are a number of Associated Press shots demonstrating polo inside Nigeria, a colonial online game containing identified a new devoted visitors among the nation's wealthy.

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